Manual Cement Block Making Machine

Manual Cement Block Making Machine

Manual block making machine is also known as hand operated concrete block making machine. It is a kind of portable concrete block machine designed and fabricated by our company to meet the market demand. By changing different molds, it can produce different wall bricks, porous bricks and cement solid bricks. The blocks manufactured by our machines have tight texture, high strength, accurate size and beautiful shape. Tengyu manual block making machine can meet the brick requirement of small construction engineering. This concrete block machine is the best selection for small scale brick factories or mobile brick factories.

Manual block making machine can produce many blocks for internal wall, for external wall, blocks for dike dam, for pavements and roadside stone.

Advantages of Manual Concrete Block Machine
1. Hand operated concrete block making machine is characterized by short production cycle, low investment and high production efficiency.
2. Manual block making machine can make full use of many simple raw materials that are easily acquired and of low price, such as slag, industrial residue, cinder, fly ash, etc.
3. Our concrete block machines can process the abandoned cinder, slag and construction waste into construction materials.
4. The molding box with vertical orientation vibratory pressing system can produce bricks in very short molding cycle and high efficiency.
5. Manual block making machines possess the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low malfunction rate and easy maintenance.
6. Tengyu concrete block machines can utilize the mold vibration technology and use fewer cement to produce bricks with excellent shape, high density and high compressive strength.

Service of Manual Block Making Machine
1. Pre-sale Service
We provide consultation for users, confirm the scale of operation and develop a detailed construction plan to meet their needs with minimal investment and the optimal configurations. Our company does not provide samples of concrete block machines.
2. In-sale Service for Manual Block Making Machine
According to customers' specific site conditions, we will provide a good product layout program. Our company also cooperates with users to do plant layout, circuit layout, the arrangement of the entire production process, and guides them to prepare basic equipment.
3. After-sales Service for Concrete Block Machine
Once our manual block making machines are sold, our company will send professional technicians to the clients' company to provide free guidance for installation, commissioning, mold replacement and related technical training, until they can produce qualified products.

Jiangsu Tengyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading supplier and exporter of concrete block machines and block molding machines in China. We have been committed to developing manual block making machines for over 20 years. In addition, our company also offers cutting machine, block hoister, wheel mill, automatic cuber, pallet returner, block stacker, and so on. With a professional technical team of first-class rich experience and well-trained technicians, our concrete block machines have received a number of favorable comments from customers both home and abroad.

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